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Raduwa Dance!

Seeing double? By Moumi invited our favourite model Raduwa back for a little studio fun.This time, she brought with her sister Aisah along. Safe to say, the pleasure was all ours!

We were so casual like “hey can you come and dance and play with the designer cats?”. They were immediately sold! 😹 And that’s exactly what we did. What good would the clothes be if you don’t have a little fun (or a lot) in them?

Here’s a reminder to never take things too seriously in whatever you do. Otherwise you’ll miss the point of living. Live large, have fun, but don’t touch this! 😹😹 🎶 MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”

And lastly, we asked the sisters to show how they’d wear our large #ShawlScarf their ways!

Get your favourite colour now from our Shop and Wolf and Badger London anc The Wonder Room, Bangkok.

🎶 “DayDream” live by John Sebastian 😻

Also, see below some of our favourite shots!


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