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The Archive - Recapped!

It's been over two years now since we switched from SUPERSWEET x moumi to By Moumi. We have grown as a brand, 11 good years now and counting - yes, as young as the Lady Moumi herself. It's legit to talk about some of our past works in retrospect. But let's not repeat the press releases, we'll talk about them individually as we see them.


Construction-wise, it was a lot of fun experimenting with new shapes. We've been known to use a lot of circular pattern pieces to create something flouncy and we went all the way with this collection. Super bell sleeves and extra flared dresses were some of the main features. Most people won't even realise how many yards of fabrics go into each garment. Like most collections, we designed our own prints. And this one is a more cartoony and child-like compared with the others, because the content is so dark we hide it under the innocent facade.


It's always a lot of fun making the Greatest Hits collection. For each brand new collection, we are left with a lot of fabrics because we always have to make more than we need. So it's a feel-good redemption to get to use up materials from previous collections and give them new lives and purposes. Sometimes we have so little left and we only manage to make one piece, some fabrics we have a lot and we make many. And sometimes we make something out of fabrics previously designed and but saw light of the day during its own collection. You never know what you're going to get with the Greatest Hits, not even for us!


What seemed to be just an ordinary repeat of our best-seller styles turned out to become a collection that I have the biggest personal attachment with.. So much so that we refrained from treating it as a "Greatest Hits", and titled it Here Sometimes after a song by the Blonde Redhead. We shot the campaign in the house I grew up in, with the rare exotic plants collected by my late father. Now that he had passed, only images and memories of the place of my childhood remain.


We nicknamed this collection the End of the World or the Doomsday collection, which later ironically became the Covid collection. We explored the idea as a joke in the Four Horsemen style with our three resident cats, Moumi, Myogi, and Kikilala resetting the world with natural disasters. Several months later, the joke was on us all and we twisted the idea a little to be more hopeful and uplifting, hence the new name All Things Pass. We played a lot with print-specific pattern pieces with the help from our interns. A hard project well accomplished.


Like a lot of Greatest Hits, this one we managed to use up the archived materials and some beautiful fabrics we bought but never got a chance to use creatively - like those Jaipur's intricate floral machine embroidered materials They were so expensive to start with, and to make them price-friendly, we had to come up with small pieces that we could add the signature tulle to, to stay true to the By Moumi Bohemian silhouettes..But what we had the most fun with was being able to shoot the entire campaign underwater - something I'd dreamed of for a long time (you can read about it here).


Essentially, they're all the same collection that got split into three consecutive drops. But the main part was Put the Shine On, as this was geared for the Christmas/End of Year festive drop. We went overboard (in a good way) with the sparkles. Everything is heavily glittered, so much that you will walk with fairy dust sprinkling out of you for parties to come! The second part was the Pink drop, an ode to our (and every girl's) favourite colour. Our third but small drop were pieces we saved for the opening of our stockist Wolf & Badger Los Angeles.


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