Shirley Kimono Poison Apple

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  • Our Shirley Kimonos feature waist-high slits enabling the belt to be tied in several ways - just the front panels, just the back, the whole piece, leaving it untied and make a little knot with the lapels - the possibilities are almost endless! It's not sleepwear but you're not wrong if you fall asleep in it since the fabric is too kind to the skin!

    ‘Supervixen’ is a character that has an ability to get what they want by manipulating others using tricks and charm. Such behavior is often considered narcissistic and predatorial, not unlike the true nature of feline beings. The latest By Moumi collection is an ode to a song of the same title by Garbage and celebrates the dangerously beautiful souls that embark on a journey to achieve their goals.

    “Make a whole new religion, A falling star that you cannot live without.”

    Told like a love letter through illustrations by Thanatcha Aramboonpong, the prints feature a series of deceptively childlike characters of the feline trio - moumi, Myogi, and Kikilala - as they charm their ways with sweetness laced with vicious poison. To reflect the purity of the storytelling, 100% cotton is used in all key pieces of the collection, aided by reprised fabrics from previous collections to continue the brand’s “waste less” commitment to the environment.

    Structurally, the designer cats expand on the circular pattern-making, the signature contrasting piping technique, and piecing together delicate glittered tulle. Matching the theme of daring souls, the colour palette is somewhat more amplified.

    Mata Hari, Shirley, Pepper, Elson, Erika, Erin - whoever you aspire to be - never forget to be the Supervixen version of you. By Moumi challenges the modern conformity by constantly reminding everyone of the free-spirited rascals of the past, present, and our near future.