behind-the-scenes: greatest hits vol.2

Did you know that the photoshoot for this Greatest Hits Vol.2 collection is very much homegrown and homebound?

Besides Kate - the Ukrainian otherworldly beauty we found to be most perfect for us - the rest of team are from within!

We asked our former internsTuna and Cindy to come back and help us shoot using a combination of compact cameras and iPhones (yes! You read it right), with the help of our future intern Mudmee, and of course we shot all this at our HQ. Why? Because this is where it all started, and where the three  designer cats live. They each took part in it too, some more than others (*cough* moumi). And now we can transition this brand into the new era - because everything is By Moumi!

Here’s our behind-the-scenes video from the one-day shoot. To see the photos, click here.






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