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Wishing a Happy New Year to all #TeamMoumi! In the preceding month, Superverysnapshot, our neighbor and star photographer, collaborated on a photo series aimed at presenting styling concepts against the beautifully eerie backdrop provided by our neighbour, T-ra; and of course, our forever muse Raduwa.


The objective of this photoshoot was to underscore the enduring quality of our crafted garments. Our creations transcend transient trends and passing fads, deriving their longevity from their uniqueness and unwavering alignment with the distinctive Moumi Girls' image we uphold. We meticulously curated pieces spanning from collections since 2019 to the latest, showcasing the versatility of our items by illustrating how they can be seamlessly combined to craft an array of distinctive looks and vibes.

Check out Part 1 of this photo series here.





A label born by accident, what started as a jest is now a brand that has been in business for a decade - all because of Choltida Pekanan’s Aby Blue, Moumi. Believing that she and Moumi speak the same language, Choltida sets up as a medium for Moumi and her larger-than-life ego. A graduate of St. Martins and trained under John Galliano, Dior and Marjan Pejoski, together they conquer to create. In turn, By Moumi personifies the shapes, attitude and instincts of her beloved feline companions.


Formerly known as SUPERSWEET x moumi, the brand now takes on a shorter name ‘By Moumi’, placing the emphasis on the fact that it's the Designer Cat who runs the show, along with two little helpers Myogi the Burmilla, and Kikilala the Snowshoe. Coinciding with moving from Bangkok back to London where they first started, the rebrand represents how they, and their beloved followers, have grown into a better and more responsible version of selves. 


By Moumi’s muses are anyone from free-spirited rebels of fictional characters to real life heroes; a little grunge and a little psychedelic, a little twisted and a little graceful. All in all, the stories, meanings, and names always honour the music they are inspired by. Having been a music magazine editor and a big music fan in general, Choltida holds her roots close to heart - the Jagger girls inspire the style; Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, and Courtney Love fuel the passion to create something for the anomalies. The secondary logo “by Moumi” below the triple M is modified from the late Janis Joplin’s handwriting as she epitomises the spirit of rock ‘n roll and Choltida’s favourite time and place - the mid 1960s Los Angeles.


What makes By Moumi extra is that it is a journal that is very personal to both Choltida and her cats. Prints designed are of Moumi, Myogi, and Kikilala in the context that are otherworldly yet real. Subtle as this may be, the very core of travelling the world and recording memories, to them, is something more spiritual than most people would experience. The idea of driving aimlessly into no man’s land without set destinations and plans appeals to them. More and more it has become an analogy to By Moumi as a brand - to live the bohemian life; walking into the unknown with the sense of not belonging anywhere. Maybe one is not meant to fit in, and maybe it is alright to never be comfortable wherever one is. The clothes are made for souls like these, these that are sort of weird, and these that are ethereally wonderful.



United Kingdom

Wolf & Badger

Coal Drops Yard, Stable St.

Kings Cross

London N1C 4DQ

T: +44 20 7229 4848

United States

Wolf & Badger

95 Grand Street,

New York


T: +1 646 934 6601

Worldwide: online

Thailand: clothing and accessories

The Wonder Room

Siam Center 1F

Rama I Road

Bangkok 10330

T: +66 2 658 1000

Thailand: gifts and knickknacks

Daddy & the Muscle Academy
Siam Square soi 2
Rama I Road
Bangkok 10330
T: +66 84 667 7785


Siam Discovery 2F

Rama I Road

Bangkok 10330

T: +66 2 658 0328


52, 60 Captain Bush Ln

Charoenkrung 30

Bangkok 10500

T: +66 88 244 2241

Icon Siam 3F
Charoen Nakhon 5
Bangkok 10600
T: +66 2 495 7000

Seenspace Hua Hin
HuaHin Soi 35
Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110
T: +66 92 350 0035


Mega Bangna 1F Bangna-Trad Road Bangkok 10540

T: +66 02 105 1409

Tost and Found

Seenspace Thonglor

251/1 Soi Thonglor 13 Bangkok 10100

T: +662 185 2728


Paradise Park 2F

Srinakarin Road

Bangkok 10250

T: +66 2 780 2156-7



Sales: sales @ bymoumi . com

Press: press @ bymoumi . com

General: hi @

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