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bang! bang!


Prowling into rebellious adulthood, moumi, the Abyssinian blue is proud to deliver her boldest venture yet, SUPERSWEET x moumi: Bang! Bang! Fresh from her heavy-metal collection, Moutalheads, moumi shakes off her teen angst and matures her instincts for design into a wild, experimental direction for the SUPERSWEET x moumi brand.

To coincide with the brand’s North American debut, moumi introduces a luxurious fixture, the Purrple Label – a complete ready-to-wear line of covetable, intricate and hand-finished pieces. Reviving the 70’s radical wardrobe with modern design, Bang! Bang! is a collection of bohemian silhouettes, psychedelic prints and eccentric footwear. Inspired by fiery, feral behavior, each Bang! Bang! item features prints of the cat-trio chasing their foes, illustrated by artist, Namsai Supavong.


The Purrple Label sees Supavong prints interlaced on new and reclaimed fabrics. The signature Polka dot materials are transformed by fine line doodles of cats tearing squeaky balloons or dominating Ping-Pong matches. Leading the pattern pack, moumi, kikilala and myogi are illustrated on chiffon materials with laser eyes and killer claws, designed to overlap tiger printed fabric and create the illusion of a feline battle.

Honoring the originality of rockstar muses, from Bianca to Bowie, no two Purrple Label items are alike; each digital print meets the reclaimed patterned fabric in its own unique way. These one-off patterns are formed into billowing shaped bottoms, belted leisure blouses, flowing dresses and disco onesies. moumi unites these dreamy styles with white-o2n-white oxford pieces; each is silk-screened with Supavong prints. The pieces are artfully enhanced by the wearer, unravelling into new shapes and dimensions. Purrple Label continues with a limited selection of digital printed jazz shoes and lightweight slippers. Available with and without a platform wedge, this footwear is also adorned with pyjama piping details, pom-poms and Supavong prints.

The finishing paw-print to the Bang! Bang! collection is moumi’s classic line and importantly, her trusty favourites – tees, airline travel bags and stickers, all with unruly kitty illustrations. Grooming you for Spring happenings, SUPERSWEET x moumi: Bang! Bang! is your tailored guide for your all fearless summer adventures.

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