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friends of mine

Escaping from the city to the country – moumi, myogi and kikilala present SUPERSWEET x moumi’s Friends of Mine. This season, the furry feline trio piece together a textile scrapbook and introduce us to the most unlikely of friends on their farm.

Llamas, geese, thoroughbreds, peacocks, swans and deer, it is the peculiar miniature horses – Manooshby, Mooshkin and Beeno – who win the cats’ hearts. As the memories of kittenhood take shape, the cats reveal their true stripes. Constructed cottons are artfully blended with more fluid fabrics to create new, inspired shapes for the free-spirited. Pastel pinstriped cottons, neon pinks and organic bases are accented by fluorescent hues and foil-printed satin pipings. And, for the first time ever, moumi presents lace-lining, an illusion that turns luxury inside-out by adding new dimensions and silhouettes underneath semi-transparent materials like glitter tulle and lurex grid chiffon.

Youth is the time for playing and experimenting, and so the designer-cats go steps further with their signature area-specific print design to serve the meticulous circular cutting technique, accumulating frills in all areas, like bell sleeves and bottoms. While the more earthy colours keep this vintage-style collage grounded and organic, experiments with printing over existing foil pattern and specific heat-transfer applique elements make this Purrple Label collection both topical and anomalous.

Returning from their trip to the country, moumi, myogi, and kikilala bring a refreshing perspective from head to toe back to the city. The diverse elements of this collection are collaged together to create a narrative with surprising harmony. Something weird and something wonderful, Friends of Mine is a wearable homage to the powerful bond of ever-lasting friendship.


In loving memory of Eeyore the mini.

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