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Calling y’all fellow designers, crafters and feline friends; this Spring/Summer 2014, moumi the Abyssinian artiste is proud to launch her third collection, SUPERSWEET x moumi: Haberdashery.

A blissfully bijou project, Haberdashery boasts cat-inspired artwork created by three electrifying illustrators, Michael Zander, Pimm of Teaspoon Studio and Namsai Supavong. Each unique design is digitally printed on a range of eye-catching fabrics, graphic print tees and fanciful totes. Cheeky enough to satisfy your daily cat cravings, this collection finally welcomes moumi’s striking siblings – Myogi and Kikilala to the SS x moumi mix!

Once moumi began her paw printed journey with a range of sell out graphic tees, the ambitious Abyssinian-blue pounced into 2012 with SUPERSWEET x moumi: Cruise Collection – bestowing her tailored casual wear for the purr-lovin’ man. Dazzled by the adoring whispers and hunger for cat creations from her fans, moumi mewed into life SUPERSWEET x moumi: Haberdashery – a collection flirting with your inner designer, seamstress and DIY dreamer.

Haberdashery desires only your imagination. For the thimble-fingered, stitch and work the fabrics to your irrisistable design, for the artful punter, adorn yourself with a polka-dot tee, for the eco-conscious, shoulder-up with a frilly tote. Still hungry? Gratify your cat-appetite with sticker sheets! moumi implores you – release your creative daredevils and feast on Haberdashery!

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