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27 Club Shoot

By Moumi's new collection, 27 Club, embodies the spirit of rock and roll, the legends, and the idea that life is to be enjoyed while it lasts.

Shot by our neighbour, but also a very talented photographer, Superverysnapshot. The idea behind this is to recreate a feel for photoshoots of the old days - model on and off duty, on set and backstage. All these, leaving room for more ideas we plan to develop further in the future.

We also shot with three decade old negative and slide films with results unknown at the time. As expected, half of the photos didn't come out; but the other half look freakishly vintage - something we hadn't expected but are grateful to get. The joy of analogue photography never ceases to surprise and inspire us. You can look at the collection page here for the full lookbook.

This is one of the most detailed collections we've made in ten years. Stay tuned for more dissection topics on graphics/prints, music, and more..

27 Club is available now on and


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