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Back to the 90s

This month we’ve been looking at a lot of favourite women from the 90s, Fiona springs right up to the top of the list. Being 90s kids as well, we know how cool it was and is to be “gen x”, and we never forget our roots! Fiona still has the same attitude she once carried today, maybe a little less angry!

We must bring Hope’s grunge hair back! Another favourite babe and band from the 90s.

Courtney’s so badass she’s been on every mood board we ever made! Another true 90s icon.

Though Aerosmith belong to every decade from the 70s onwards. But being 90s kids, we remember them best from 1993’s Get a Grip album with videos featuring Steven Tyler’s daughter Liv, and the mega babe Alicia Silverstone. And did we mention how we want to steal everything Steven wears?! This is perfectly timed, Steven just turned 73 yesterday! Happy birthday!


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