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Celebrate: July Inspirations

We’ve always talked very extensively about things that inspire us, particularly the music. Maybe we should make it a regular thing to introduce you to bands that we love and are inspired by. Starting with the Doors, one of the bands that epitomise the time and place we always wish we could be at, that’s Los Angeles circa 1960s - when rock and roll wasn't so tainted, when all bands flocked to Laurel Canyon to create and be great. What wouldn’t we give just to be a fly on the wall of the house on Wonderland Avenue!


We love her in Fleetwood Mac, but we love her twice as much as a solo artist finding her own voice and style. One of the most iconic muses that came out from that late 70s/80s era. We heard the story of her hiding in Jimmy Iovine’s basement when they were secretly lovers and how she tried to eavesdrop on the stuff Jimmy and Tom Petty were working on, and the song “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” just fell into her lap and made her career. Honestly though, she didn’t really need that at all, the recognition she deserved was inevitable and already on its way. Can you see how we’re totally stealing this look sometimes? No shame!


When asked how we’d describe our style in three words, we always answer with “weird and wonderful”, it’s about time we paid tribute to the person we borrow this from. We can’t count on two hands the times we’ve referenced him or his songs. Oh Elton, Elton... he’s quite something all in one, isn’t he? Coupled with the lyrical powerhouse of Bernie Taupin, together they make magic. We particularly love this version with Cher because they seem to really enjoy each other’s company and the banter at the very end is priceless. These guys were born to entertain.


They call her radical but her off-the-record manifesto was to simply make music for outsiders just like her. The androgynous Patti appeared on the scene with her debut album ‘Horses’ in 1975. The album injected with raw energy that represents the youth in the 70s - full of statements about the world, about gender, at times surrealistic; but we love it even more because it pays homage to the 27 club members of the era - Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix.

We used to think that the album and Patti herself were period specific, but having seen her live recently we were dead wrong. All silvered hair, but her mind and soul were still very much a rebel, full of passion. She is one of the few who haven’t at all changed or aged spiritually, she still hasn’t given in to the social norm. Anomalies will stay true to who they are. To the world, Patti is diamond in the rough that refuses to be polished. And to us, she’s a hero.


We round up July’s musical heroes with our mothership, Janis Joplin, whom we’ve taken so much from. For starters, By Moumi’s new branding is based on her somewhat. We want to be a brand that isn’t necessarily known to the world but one that creates something for the anomalies. We all owe everything to Janis for paving ways for all the weird & wonderfuls, for making it cool to not be like others. She stood alone as a woman in the rock world. The pain and suffering from all the bullies she went through as a pioneer of strange in her childhood enabled her to feel more than most in the songs she sang. It maybe too subtle to casual eyes, but all this - in our own ways - has translated into the very essence of what we are today.


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