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Celebrate: The Film Culture

Love and Mercy (2014, Director Bill Pohlad)

The brilliant yet underrated biopic of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. With a surrealistic approach, it is however an accurate portrayal, told through three versions of Brian Wilson (mainly the twenty-something played by Paul Dano and the middle-aged version by John Cusack) that eventually meet. We’re big fans of ‘Pet Sounds’ so getting to learn the painstaking process in the making is quite something. Heartbreaking to watch but we’ve consistently replayed over and over. Loved each and everyone’s performance - definitely one of our most favourite films of all time.


The Great Expectations (1998, Dir Alfonso Cuarón)

On the very top of our list of fictional muses is always Ms. Dinsmoor from the 90s-cool interpretation of the Great Expectations. Played by the late Anne Bancroft who did it so awesomely she stole the entire show. And did you notice? She’s a cat lady, well, kind of! 😹😹😹


Dark Shadows (2012, Dir Tim Burton)

Not exactly Tim Burton’s finest film; and while our friends were saying how much they loved lead girl Bella Heathcote, we were so mesmerised by Carolyn Stoddard played by @chloegmoretz 😹 If you don’t know this film, check out these snippets and you’ll know why 😹😹


Almost Famous (2000, Dir. Cameron Crowe)

Cliche, we know, and FYI we hate the bus scene but most of you will not have seen these Director’s cut scenes (yes, nerds here). This film hits us close to home and rings true to the By Moumi culture. We swear we’ve met and talked to every single character in this film in real life.


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