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Dear Mrs. Helena Bonham Carter,

Our heart skipped a beat when we found pictures of HBC wear our Flamingo Pink Tulle Bolero! From what we managed to gather the info, she wore it not just once but on THREE different occasions. Now that says something for someone in her status to do that.

The video above is a snippet from the Sofology campaign BTS, featuring her in her elements and clothes. Then there's the Charleston Trust event where she came to read The Letters of Lydia Lopokova and John Maynard Keynes with actor Tobias Menzies. See the teaser below to see how cute, adorable, and funny she was :)

Pictures above by Kellen Beckett and an awesome portrait by Steve Hatton / Electric Egg.

And lastly, we found another one of her wearing it to a wedding! Credit photo @helenabonhamcarterdaily / VK Group

This means a couple of things personally to us, that A) our clothes have found a nice loving home and B) no matter what trends are in, our clothes are designed from outside the fashion lanes - they stand the test of time - look after them well and they will stay with you forever.

All in all, we wouldn't even have a clue this happened in the real world. So thank you @kellenbeckett for finding us and sending through photos. It’s been more than a dream to see the ultimate Queen of Quirks in our clothes, though we can’t say we were so surprised - it was recorded in our manifesto: “Maybe one is not meant to fit in, and maybe it is alright to never be comfortable wherever one is. The clothes are made for souls like these, these that are sort of weird, and these that are ethereally wonderful.” And damn right the lady is, inside and out! Thank you for being another big inspiration to us, our story has now come full circle. 😻😻😻


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