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It's NAIISE That...

Who’s been a fan of ours since 2001? If that’s you, you’d know that we were once called SUPERSWEET x moumi. A brand that branched out under the SUPERSWEET umbrella, led by the egomaniac Aby Blue, Moumi and her feline friends - Myogi and Kikilala. Yes, all their heads are pasted on all the products we made.

This month, we will talk about these things that are available through the nice people and our favourite shop in Singapore called Naiise 😻 They are one of just a few shops still stocking our lifestyle range, something we cherish dearly, as it is important to remember how we came to be.

THROUGHOUT APRIL ONLY. With each purchase comes with a free sticker, and with our flip book for purchases over 25 SGD!

What are you waiting for? Click here and let the fun begin!


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