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New Shop! (And it's our favourite place on Earth)

We spent a good amount of time writing the By Moumi Manifesto, in that we talked about who we are and what we are, what we stand for, and what we hope to achieve with it.

We also talked about the place and time we love the most - Los Angeles in the 1960s. Well, one of those things are about to come true!

Thanks to Wolf & Badger, they've finally expanded to the West and they're taking us with them. And how could we not be excited? We're even thinking of doing an event there in autumn.

But an announcement is an announcement. We have good two months to go, the store will open in June. We just wanted to share this exciting news we can't wait for with you.

If you wander about, here's the address: 8500 Melrose Ave Suite 109, West Hollywood, CA 90069


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