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Our Annual US Trip

So you must have known by now, we take our annual leave each year and go get lost somewhere deep in the States for a month or so. Each time we go and drive almost aimlessly in a different state that is unknown to us and just explore. It’s how we find peace (mainly with ourselves as much as the world), but also inspirations.

This time was no different. We chose to visit the South, the Lowcountry, and the Outer Banks. Why? The reason is logical and illogical – our mother is obsessed with grits – and we also saw some amazing photos of the Smoky Mountains that we wanted to visit so we drew the line and combined the trips into one long one. Starting off in Atlanta, Georgia; driving up to South Carolina so mami can swim in grits and went up along the coast to explore the beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina and it was just beautiful.

Cedar Point/Island turned out to be an unexpected favourite, as well as Rodanthe and the Great Dismal Swamp – but we had already had high expectations of those ones. Unfortunately, we only got as far up as Virginia and had to reroute to find an alternative exit via Washington because of Hurricane Florence. It was so damaging and it would have been the worst decision to stay. We are looking to complete this trip next year as the Smokies are still on our Bucket List!

But we were consoled by the fact that we always had Los Angeles to come back to – our sanctuary, our second home. America will always have a strong connection to us, maybe because this is Kikilala’s homeland. We always have so much fun and joy in LA, so much to do with our friends and everything here. Our muse, Ruby June, now also lives in LA. So imagine all the fun we have every time we see each other. Here, we concocted an impromptu photoshoot as we ran around on Malibu; reminiscing like old snots about the most amazing photoshoot we did together (for SS17 Friends of Mine) two years ago right on this spot. So we got her in this Tulle Babydoll and the magic just kept repeating. Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s the combination of us, and maybe it’s LA!


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