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September Muses

Sometimes imagination runs wild and we'd day dream about the models we'd love to have wear our clothes. Here are some of our most loved muses from the past and into the future.

Anjelica Huston

From Day 1, Anjelica was unlike any other conventional models in her day, let alone models. It is hard to pinpoint where she is from, but it's her character that commands attention and draws us in. She was a great model who transformed into a skilled actress and we love her even more now.


Jerry Hall

She, and her hair, are everything! We would group her with the offsprings she made but she's a lot more than that. Queen.


Lizzie and Georgia Jagger

The Jagger girls are all gorgeous, but ones from Mama Jerry are the best! We love Georgia so much we once named our finale dress after her, remember the #GeorgiaMayDress?


The Manson Girls

History of the Manson Family still haunts and controversially it fascinates us. People will continue to dissect the psychology of how Charles Manson managed to turn these victims into murderers, but no one can deny the beauty in these girls of broken homes.


Kristen McMenamy

Unlikely choice from us, but as we think about the nature of aging, no one ages more beautifully and stays true to self like Kristen. That rebel punk rocker in her is real.


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