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The making of "Here Sometimes"

Introducing By Moumi’s new campaign “Here Sometimes” with Raduwah Almabruk whom we met and had been wanting to work with since 2018! Shot by Brazilian photographer Pedro Medeiros. Once again we have kept everything true to selves and close to heart - the exotic backdrop for the entire shoot was nowhere foreign but Director Choltida Pekanan’s parents’ garden.

Did you know that when we planned this shoot with Pedro, two weeks prior, we were so set on saying shooting in the rain? Like inspired prophets, we knew we could order the weather. Even on the day of the shoot, we still managed to pin it down to the hour! Our tulle pieces may create movements when dry, but we tend to think they reveal their true character when soaking wet, which is why we’ve always shot them in the sea, underwater, and now in the rain. We are grateful that all of our team have been so willing to work in these conditions, thank you!

Mixing the old with new. We’d like to think that our clothes - sometimes a little weird and sometimes subtly wonderful - exist outside seasons of given moments. They’re not trend-oriented, nor are they political. Everything goes and we're not shy to style our old stuff (or even other people's!) with the current items; as shown here our Tulle Scarf (worn as a top) goes nicely with the Leopardo Pocket Skirt from the last colletion. Have fun and play with them. Your By Moumi, your rules.

Our personal favourite shot of the day, when we sent Raduwah up on a two metre high platform so she could be one with the palm tree, with layers of lights shooting up from different directions. We are in love.

What's more, we've just found out that these are one-of-a-kind plants! We've spent a few days learning all about them and we'll soon be talking about them. For now, if you'd like to see the entire campaign, CLICK HERE. Below, is an extra bit - Behind-the-Scenes footage!


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