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Icefall Kaftan Blue Dot

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  • A billowing kaftan dress with super flared hemline and a slit. Wear it at the beach or luxuriously lounge at home. For winter, wear it with a turtleneck and a pair of jeans under!

    “Started mid-2019, we were sketching ideas for the new prints; thinking about how humans were finally panicked about climate change,” recalls By Moumi’s Director, Choltida Pekanan. As she and her designer cats followed the journey of Astro Christina (Koch), one of the astronauts NASA sent out to explore the “possibilities” of things. All in all, “It got us wondering if we are fighting fate or against something more supernatural.”

    The theory of the Earth being due for a clean slate was the visual starting point of All Things Pass. Enters ‘Moumi Tsunami’, the angry Goddess of Sea rolls out with thunderstorms, riding the crest high; sweeping away everything from the face of the earth.

    On the calmer side, ‘Snowslide Myogi’, the Ice Queen gently works her way from atop, embracing the planet with her glacial blanket. Colours fade to soft hues and into white, all particles come to a halt, even time stands still.

    Running like a river is ‘Kikilalava’, the Volcanic Little Princess. Attacking from North to South, and East to West, aided by graphics resonating with curves from the mountains, whilst mimicking the vibrations as she roars.

    In keeping with By Moumi’s tradition, the elements of deception and messages are hidden within. Images of the natural disasters are seemingly wondrous and serene, they are cut up into pieces and laced back together with linear designs by Ib Chaiyato, resembling psychedelic patterns from the 70s. It is yet refreshing and otherworldly in the given context. Coupled with the brand’s silhouettes – billowing tulle pieces are updated with more austere details: tailored suit features; accent scarves that double as shawls, belts, and turbans; pullover dresses that can transport the wearer to the beach and let her lounge gracefully during the lockdown.

    Fabrics are sourced from the stockroom in order to minimize waste, some are printed and some left as-is. No longer constrained to mass produce, this is the one collection By Moumi is intending to make almost every single piece as unique as can be.

    Little did we know what 2020 would have in store for us. We live in dangerous times, and we would be naïve to avoid addressing the quagmire we fall into. This collection was a bittersweet experience to create, but it is unlike life. Now all we can do is hope, and know that all things will pass.

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