wish you were here

SUPERSWEET x moumi, introduce Wish You Were Here – a journal of an epic and elegiac voyage.

SUPERSWEET x moumi: Wish You Were Here embodies the discontent and sadness of a beginning a journey without fallen companions – inspired by Pink Floyd’s evocative song, ‘Wish You Were Here’. In homage to the everlasting postcard, the designer-cats, moumi, myogi and kikilala transform fantastical tales of travel, into treasured outfits for absent explorers.


Wish You Were Here documents the feline-three ghostly ascend through four elusive worlds: aquatic realms, dynamic terrain, infinite skies and intergalactic space. In this four-part collection, SUPERSWEET x moumi, continue their eternal exploration of print techniques and bohemian tailoring, focusing on the blurring and defining of borders. From watercolor gradients to tiered silhouettes, glittered textures to architectural prints, Wish You Were Here elevates the Purrple Label to atmospheric heights.

Akin to the paperboard postcard, each Purrple Label garment is a glimpse into the places visited, featuring abstract graphics and vacation snapshots of the moumi family, illustrated by Thai artist, Ib Chaiyato. Whether geometric dinosaurs or astronaut cats, oceanic creatures or pearl dewdrops, each detailed print complements the medley of playful rich textures and styles conceptualized by SUPERSWEET x moumi.

­Captained by moumi and co. the Purrple Label cruises through an array of statement pieces that include siren-inspired maxi dresses, onesies, translucent shirts, high-waisted circular skirts and tutus. To complete their travel memoire, Wish You Were Here welcomes vibrant, crystal-studded leggings to the line to complement the return of printed platform footwear. Wish You Were Here blurs the commonplace with the surreal, a comment on the need to escape from reality and yet loyally return to it.