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Kikilala Style Tips Pt.1

Wishing a Happy New Year to all #TeamMoumi! In the preceding month, Superverysnapshot, our neighbor and star photographer, collaborated on a photo series aimed at presenting styling concepts against the beautifully eerie backdrop provided by our neighbour, T-ra; and of course, our forever muse Raduwa.


The objective of this photoshoot was to underscore the enduring quality of our crafted garments. Our creations transcend transient trends and passing fads, deriving their longevity from their uniqueness and unwavering alignment with the distinctive Moumi Girls' image we uphold. We meticulously curated pieces spanning from collections since 2019 to the latest, showcasing the versatility of our items by illustrating how they can be seamlessly combined to craft an array of distinctive looks and vibes.

Look #1

Originally conceptualised as resort wear, it was captured in a unique setting – submerged in water on a freediver. The Veiled co-ord, with its dreamy and ethereal allure, served as the perfect ensemble for a weekend retreat by the beach. In the present iteration, we infused a burst of vibrancy by introducing long yellow gloves and the new Tulle Bolero in Neon Green. This transformation elevates the look to a playful and stylish night out in town, ensuring that you take center stage as the star of the show.


Look #2

While we've often emphasised not to categorise this Tulle Babydoll as mere Boudoirwear, here we playfully deviate from our own advice, styling it for wear beyond intimate settings! We delight in the juxtaposition of alluring pieces such as this with black teddies or bras and substantial knickers, enabling a touch of allure when paired with our sheer creations. For this resplendent number, we advocate amping up the glamour with additional sparkles. As a tantalizing suggestion, the addition of suspenders and elaborate stockings works wonders in elevating the overall appeal of this ensemble.


Look #3

In the pursuit of excess, we present the Hologram Tulle Blouse from the upcoming Wild collection, boldly layered beneath an open-back Kozmic Onesie in the matching Chrome hue. The intersection of glitter and metallic creates an irresistible fusion, embodying a look that is truly unforgettable. Initially styled for the Club 27 with a nod to classic 70s aesthetics, the Onesie exudes sultriness and timeless charm. However, this styling evolves the ensemble into a lively, youthful, and effervescent vibe. Despite its opulence, the transformation requires surprisingly minimal accessorising.


Look #4

A truly fashion-forward choice for a woman obsessed with boldness in colour, silhouette, and confidence. Electric Blue, a perennial favorite for those daring enough to make a statement. Often considered a cool hue, it exudes a certain audacity in its pigment. In this ensemble, we've paired a bra and tights combo, but the look equally shines with a bra and high-waisted knickers. The finishing touch is the iridescent Two Times coat featuring the gothic-inspired print from Club 27, the Crossroads print. Balancing the boldness, we go for the low-profile wingtips for a sophisticated counterpoint.


Look #5

In the realm of more-is-more, the allover print of the Heaven’s Eyes Satin Kozmic Onesie becomes a statement in itself. The psychedelic print, though stunning alone, can be quite impactful. To balance and accentuate, we've introduced the vibrant Neon Pink Tulle Bolero as a focal point, complementing the black and white aesthetic with sleek black leather bangles and playful furry boots. This look seamlessly transitions from day to night, offering an everchanging and eye-catching ensemble.


Look #6

To cultivate a more robust image of a self-assured woman who values her appearance, consider pairing the Tulle Babydoll Hologram with a fitted black camisole and opaque tights or leggings. In this instance, we've chosen distressed-effect opaque tights, creating a compelling synergy when paired with half leather gloves. The result is a blend of edginess and empowerment. This versatility is precisely why we adore the Babydolls – they effortlessly adapt to your desired moods and vibes, allowing you to express your style with confidence.



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