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Kikilala Style Tips Pt.2

Look #7

This captivating look demands just three key pieces: the Haze Halter serving as a bra, the Tulle Blouse as the upper layer, and the Bianca Trousers Black Diamonds taking center stage. The interplay of sheerness and texture in each layer converges to form a truly striking ensemble, showcasing a mix of matte, transparency, translucency, and glitter over glitter. The outfit effortlessly comes together, requiring no additional styling. It's so elegantly simple that you can effortlessly gather your hair into a relaxed bun and confidently strut out.


Look #8

For a youthful and playful twist, we've coupled the Supercherry Dress with the trusty plunging V teddy, introducing a new underlayer with the addition of a diamante black satin bra. Accompanied by daring polka dot leggings, furry boots, and black lace fingerless gloves, the ensemble exudes a noughties vibe, where eclectic combinations come together for a punk romantic feel. Elevating the ensemble, we've adorned it with an oversized Two Times Jacket, offering versatility with the option to wear it buttoned or unbuttoned, adding a touch of laid-back chic to the ultra-feminine silhouette.


Look #9

Likewise, akin to Look #1, we metamorphosed a beach-inspired ensemble into a starlet en route to a premier vibe. The underlayer of polka dot sheer leggings, subtly peeking through the Veiled Shorts, serves as a transformative element. Coordinating with the glittered veiled effect, mirrored in the material of the Tulle Bolero, we add an edgy touch with Leopard print booties and complement it with oversized gold earrings. Minimal embellishments are needed to finalise the look, as this combination inherently weaves a narrative of its own.






Look #10

After utilising the Haze Halter as a bra in Look #, we're switching things up by wearing it as a top. This time, we layer it over the transparent Tulle Babydoll Black Star, sculpting a fresh silhouette. To infuse a touch of drama and casual flair, we introduce additional sparkles with the glittered Maddie Trousers. The result is a stunning ensemble that strikes a balance between dramatic and laid-back, especially when the hemline is deliberately cropped to showcase your boots. Embracing the starry theme, a single oversized starry costume jewelry necklace serves as the perfect finishing touch, reinforcing the concept of the look.



Look #11

Crafting this look was an absolute delight. By Moumi has an inherent flair for the art of "reveal." What may seem deceptively plain unfolds into a striking ensemble. The Bow Blouse paired with the Pearlised Satin Bianca Trousers exudes minimalism at first glance. However, the high inverted pleats cunningly unveil a playful secret - a seductive polka dot black tulle layer, adorned with vibrant pink piping on every seam within. For us, the allure of sexiness lies in leaving room for imagination. Embracing our inner wild feline, we complete the look with a pair of bow booties in a captivating leopard print.





Look #12

Concluding with the grand finale – a look that would enthrall any diva, channeling the spirit of Diana Ross and the Studio 54 disco era. We commence with a concealed allure beneath the Black Diamonds Two Times Jacket, harmonizing the ensemble with the enticing Kozmic Onesie underneath. A vintage beaded snow tiger belt cinches the waist, adding an extra layer of glamour. Yet, the extravagance doesn't cease there. To complement the big hair, we bring in oversized earrings, elbow-length black mesh gloves, and a dazzling touch with the Black Diamonds Tulle Bolero. Keeping the wildlife theme intact, blending tiger and zebra stripes, we anchor the look with leopard-print bow booties. As the saying goes, "Too much is never enough."



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