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The Rebrand

Some of you might have noticed us gradually rebranding, cutting our name short to By Moumi to emphasise the fact that our designer cat Moumi runs the show, along with two little helpers Myogi the Burmilla, and Kikilala the Snowshoe. Look closely and you will see that all prints created and stories are directly about them. The other reason for this is because it’s been almost 10 years and to coincide with the move back to London, we felt like an upgrade is due. We, as well as our beloved customers, have grown - hopefully into a better and more responsible version of selves, so why not have the brand reflect that? The visual concept was a collaboration between us and graphic designer Ib Chaiyato to achieve the new brand marks; mature but playful and not restricted to any rules because we don't know any other ways.

The new By Moumi's brand marks have summed up elements and inspirations that define us. Muses are anyone from free-spirited rebels of the fictional characters to real life heroes; a little grunge and a little psychedelic, a little twisted and a little graceful. But all in all, the stories, meanings, and names always honour the music we are inspired by. Having served as a music magazine editor and a big fan in general, By Moumi’s Director Choltida Pekanan holds her roots close to heart - the Jagger girls inspire the style; Stevie Nicks, Kate Bush, and Courtney Love fuel the passion to create something for the anomalies. The secondary logo “by Moumi” below the triple M is in fact modified from the late Janis Joplin’s handwriting as she epitomises the spirit of rock ‘n roll and our favourite time and place - the mid 1960s Los Angeles.

The last crucial aspect of what makes By Moumi extra is that it’s a journal that is very personal to both Choltida and her cats Moumi, Myogi, and Kikilala. Eeyore and Manooshby from the Friends of Mine collection are real miniature horses from their farm. Strange trees and flowers are big features because they have been surrounded by them all their lives. Subtle as this maybe, the very core of travelling, to them, is something more spiritual than most people would experience. The journeys they take every year broaden perspective and teach them the way of life in relation to the geographic areas. The idea of driving aimlessly into no man’s land without set destinations and plans appeals to them. More and more it has become an analogy to By Moumi as a brand; to live the bohemian life - walking into the unknown with the sense of not belonging anywhere. Maybe you’re not meant to fit in, and maybe it is alright to never be comfortable wherever you are. The clothes are made for souls like these, these that are sort of weird, and these that are ethereally wonderful.


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